Millennials have changed politics. Gay consumers have started families. Generation X is approaching middle age. How do you communicate to all of them? Can you?

Our Focus


We can create and place whatever you or your products require. We are media agnostics, and look for the overlooked, the niche market where you can stand out. What gives a product a chance? Where can we advertise it to give it a the BEST chance? We know the media that is overlooked, and the power of an integrated campaign. We use ALL availalbe tools--how to make your advertising work better. We believe that new media is great, but old media is greater. A post of a newspaper, magazine, or a TV placement is the best post.

Public Relations

Kathy Griffin, Joe Scarborugh, Oprah, President Trump, Lawerence O'Donnell, they pretty much talk about the same things. HOW they talk about them is the key. Public relations in the age of Facebook is not different. We can design and execute a plan that keeps you and your company front and center. Try us.

Gays, Millennials & GENX

TV, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Magazines, Newspapers, Radio, Billboards, they are all a way to communicate. We believe that the message is the message--not the platform that it is being broadcast from. If you are struggling to attract the millennial market, we have evaluated their media habits, (it is MORE than their phone) and have an unusual perspective about where they get their information.

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